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Our tenth updates newsletter went out today.

Highlights from this week:

  • performance improvements in preparation for today's public alpha release release

  • test summary (the top part of the test progress page) takes about 0.5 seconds to retrieve and display no matter the size of the size; was previously about 2 seconds for a 500 URL site, 5 seconds for a 1000 URL site and 30 seconds for a 5000 URL site

  • the list of URLs being tested is paginated, with 100 URLs per page, allowing the status of each set of tests to be retrieved and displayed in about 0.5 seconds no matter the size of the site

  • the completion percent displayed above the progress bar is presented with as many decimal places as is necessary for the number of URLs being tested; was previously just a whole number, will now include decimal places where needed

Expect the next in a week from now, September 26 2012.