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Allowing Public Access To Private Test Results

The Need To Share Test Results

Tom Batey of WebDepend recently contacted me by email with some feature requests that would make his life as a professional web tester easier.

One such request relates to sharing private test results:

[I’d like to have] some way of adding issues into bug trackers or perhaps be able to add a results URL to a bug tracker so that it is accessible by someone who doesn’t have a Simply Testable account.

I thought this was an excellent idea and when I’d cleared link integrity testing from my workload I set about making this happen.

(Psst. Need a feature?)

Unlocking Private Test Results

Tests that you run when signed in are private and can be accessed only by you. The fact that a test is locked to your account can now be seen below the re-test button when viewing the main test results.

This is generally a good default as you might not want the whole world to know what you’re working on.

If you want to share private test results with colleagues or clients, just click the unlock button show above.

You’ll now see that your test is unlocked and the results can be viewed by anyone. You then have the option to lock the test again if you no longer want to be able to share the results:

Viewing Unlocked Test Results

Just share the main results URL or the results URL for any of the individual test results with whoever you want to be able to see the results.

Here’s what that will look like to anyone but you:

Click the above image to be taken to an unlocked test that I just carried out myself.

Need Something To Make Your Life Easier?

If there’s any aspect of web testing that would make your life easier, let me know.

Here’s your options for doing that. Use whichever option works best for you: