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Capacity Problems All Over The Place

Friday saw us mentioned by WebResources depot to their 35,000 RSS subscribers. Capacity problems followed. We coped, but only just.

About an hour ago @smashingmag tweeted about us to their 630,00 followers. Capacity problems followed.

We’re having a few capacity problems at the moment.

We’re able to validate the HTML of about 6000 pages per hour. The HTML validation queue currently contains about 900,000 pages.

That’ll take about a week to clear out.

One slight problem is that the HTML validation queue is filling up faster than it clears out.

That’ll take about a week plus infinity to clear out.

I’m looking at now at various means to better deal with the capacity. Corporate sponsorship of worker boxes and winning the lottery are the two extremes I’m considering.

If you were wondering why tests are a spot slow to complete you now know.

Hold tight, it’ll get better.