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Estimated Time Remaining Now Available

Providing feedback during a long-running operation is a very good idea.

When viewing a full-site test as it progresses you are shown the percentage of the test that is complete.

What bothered me what that you would have no idea how long it would take for the test to finish. Staring intently at the various progress indicators that you are given can give you an impression of how long the test will take to finish but that’s hardly a good use of your time.

Thankfully that’s a problem you no longer have to deal with.

As of just a few minutes ago, the estimated time remaining for a test is displayed just below the main progress bar.

It takes a short while for sufficient timing data to be collected to give you a realistic estimate.

For tests that are likely to take many minutes or even hours, you now get an indication of how much longer it will take for your test to finish.

As the test progresses and new timing data is collected, a new estimated time to completion will be shown roughly every 30 seconds.