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Free Demo Test URL Limits

I’ve finished putting in place limits on free demo tests. I’d like to explain what free demo tests are and the limits that apply to them.

What is a free demo test

If you’re using Simply Testable to run a full-site HTML validation, CSS validation or JSLint analysis without being signed in you’re running a free demo test.

Free demo tests are available to everyone but are limited either in the number that can be run each month or are limited in the breadth of what is tested.

This allows you to get an understanding of the tools we offer without adversely affecting the performance and quality of service provided to those who have accounts.

Breadth limits

Free demo tests are limited to the first 10 URLs discovered for a site. You get to run our full set of tests but can only do so for the first 10 URLs.

Number of tests that can be run

Full-site tests are limited to 10 per website per month and single-URL tests are limited to 10 per URL per month.

Examples of both of these were covered recently in Limits on Free Full-Site and Single-URL Tests.

Avoid limits, create an account

Not keen on these limits? Create an account or sign in.