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Premium Plans Launched (and Why They Exist)

Premium Plans Launched

Today I launched the initial range of premium plans!

There are four premium plans from which to choose, each varying in the monthly subscription price, the number of URLs that can be tested at one time and the number of credits available.

I’ll explain about credits and how they came to be in a near-future post.

For now I’m just here to let you know these exist. I’m not trying to sell you anything. Take a look at the plans and pricing page for further details.

Why These Premium Plans Exist

I’ll be honest, it’s the money. The premium plans exist to make money.

But it’s not just about the money.

I can’t run the service for free indefinitely. There are server costs that are not insignificant.

Mostly there is me cost. To be able to continue to build out the service to make it ever more valuable I need time. That’s time that would otherwise be spent working as an employee or contracting as a consultant.

If I’m to continue to build out the service to make it ever more valuable to you, I need for the service to make money so that I can pay the costs of living.

It’s also about the value.

I’m building a service that is valuable. The value comes purely from time saved, where you can carry out in minutes what would take you hours.

Translate those hours saved into productive time and you can easily see how using Simply Testable to carry out tedious web testing will help you in your business make more money and provide even more value to your users and clients.

That value to you in time saved can be translated into a monthly subscription fee that seems a very fair trade. And the revenue generated from your monthly subscription fee helps me pay the bills and allows me to continue to provide the service that then saves you money.

So, it works out well for both of us.