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Team Collaboration Features

We all work in teams to achieve more than we can as individuals.

Up until yesterday, using Simply Testable in a team didn’t work too well.

You could share account details throughout your organisation and have everyone sign in as the same user. You could also share a mug and wash it before passing it on to your colleagues. Neither is ideal.

Our new team collaboration features change all that.

>What teams can do for you

We work better when we work together.

Developers make, testers and QA engineers verify that what is made is as it should be and managers organise.

Our new team features support these interactions between people.

Testers can run tests to examine the quality of what has been made, easily pass on the details of specific issues to developers to resolve and easily pass on summary reports to managers.

Any number of people within an organisation can sign in independently, utilise the resources of a single company account and easily access reports and results of tests carried out by anyone in their team.

Only the creator of team can subscribe to a premium plan and manage payment details. Invited members of the team benefit from the team plan’s resources but won’t be able to affect what plan you’re on.

Building your team

Anyone can create a team and then invite other people to join their team.

It is the creator of a team who is able to subscribe to a suitable premium plan and who can manage payment details, so be sure to first select the right person to create your team.

Creating your team

Visit your account team page and you will be presented with the option to create a team by choosing a name for your team:

You can choose any team name so long as it has not already been used. The team name is referenced in the invites sent to new team members. Your company name is a good choice if you want to avoid confusion.

Inviting members

You can invite anyone to join your team. Well, almost anyone but we’ll come to that later.

If the person that you invite already has a Simply Testable account, they will receive an email notification and can choose to accept (or decline!) your invite from their account page.

If the person that you invite does not have a Simply Testable account, they will be emailed a special invite link from which they can choose a password for their account and be added to your team.

Either way, just enter the email address of the person to invite:

Those invited can choose to accept or decline your invite.

People who you can’t invite to join your team

Almost anyone can join your team but not quite.

Someone can only be part of one team. You can’t invite someone who already belongs to a team. You can invite someone who was previously part of a team but has since left that team.

A core benefit of a team is the ability to share a single premium plan within your organisation. You can’t invite someone who has upgraded to a premium plan. You can invite someone who has downgraded from a premium plan to our free plan.

Managing your team

As the team leader, you get a clear view of who has joined your team and what invites are outstanding.

Re-sending an invite if someone has accidentally deleted theirs, or removing someone from your team, is a one-click process.

If you remove a team member by accident you can easily send a new invite to get them back.

What you get as part of a team

As a team leader

As the leader of a team, you benefit from being able to share the resources of a plan (free or premium) within your organisation.

Everyone in your team can sign in independently (no need for a shared login!) and only you can choose your team’s plan and manage your payment details.

As anyone within a team

Tests carried out as an individual are visible only to you. This makes working within a team difficult.

Tests carried out when part of a team are visible to everyone in your team.

You can easily access the report or results for tests carried out by your colleagues and can find past test details in your team’s test history.

Team awesomeness

You work more effectively as a team.

Our new team collaboration features let you work smoothly together as you always have done.